All Natural Mullberry Leaf Tablets


One box of Mulberry tablet box contains 5 package of mulberry pack. 1 pack includes 36 tablets.

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We also offer our mulberry leaf tablets which we call “Portable Vegetable”. It’s so nutritious and high in minerals and these tablets can be carried any where and taken with some water. There is no need to worry about steeping or boiling hot water.

How to Maximize the Effect

Chew well with water 2-6 tablets about 15 minutes before you eat to get effects. The amount of tablets will be decided by your current weight. (Taking excessive tablets will not have side effects)

Weight Tablet
below 125 lbs. 3 – 4
125 lbs. ~ 175 lbs. 4 – 5
175 lbs. or more 6

Mulberry Leaf has been on the Dr. Oz show as a diabetes weight loss supplement!


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