• How can I buy mulberry tablets and mulberry tea bags?
  • You can contact us by phone, e mail, or on the web. For phone orders, please call us at 1-808-354-2220 or 1-808-351-6607. For email orders, please contact us at kao@paradisegreenhawaii.com

  • I do not feel any effects on my body?
  • The mulberry tea’s effect can be felt notably when oily foods or sweets are consumed. If you have a healthy eating habit and regular stools, then the effects are achieved without noticing. You may not feel a notable effect if you are vegetarian or consume plenty of vegetables regularly. The effects vary by individuals and it is very difficult to say it in one word.  You will probably feel significant effects if you are rather sick or overweight.

  • Can we take mulberry with other medicines?
  • We recommend to take it by itself because if you take it along with other substances there might be negative effects. For that reason we also recommend to consult with your doctor prior to taking Mulberry.

  • Is it effective for high blood pressure?
  • According to our customer survey, some say it effectively lowered blood pressure and they are taking less prescribed medication and others say they saw results at their doctor checkup. We also have people saying that blood pressure becomes stable and weight is kept the same. It is very beneficial and we receive many thanks from people. (Please check reviews from our customers) However, it all depends on individual’s digesting function, therefore please consult with your doctor before taking mulberry. Our product is not medicine and we would like you to take mulberry like eating a salad rather than taking medication. Each individual has different reaction and effects. You cannot expect immediate effects like certain medication but if you keep taking it then you may be able to reduce your prescribed medications.

  • I have constipation and get very gassy. Why?
  • The constipation is due to lack of water taken. Due to mulberry’s diuretic function, your body has less water, which causes constipation. Metabolism increases, which causes diuretic functions and intestine cleanses; so take plenty of water and your intestine will be cleaned and you will be fine. The reason you get gassy is that the excessive sugar and/or oil that reached your intestine ferment there. So keep on taking the tablets and when the intestine cleansing is complete then you should be fine. If you keep having diuretic effects for over 10 days you may want to consult with your doctor.

  • I get diarrhea and had blackened stool. Is it all right?
  • It all depends on individuals, but intaking great amount of minerals and fibers from mulberry can cause a change to your body. It is a favorable and natural change that makes immune systems in your body well balanced. It is a part of your intestine cleansing system. If this effect takes longer than 10 days, then you may want to consult with your doctor.

  • Is it OK to give to pets?
  • There should not be any problems to give mulberry to dogs or cats.

  • Is it good for children?
  • There should not be any problems. A recommended dosage is to take 1 tablet per 25 pounds. We recommend to consult with your family physician before consumption.

  • How long is it good for?
  • We guarantee up to 3 years from the date of manufacture but you have to keep the porch’s zip closed.

  • How should the tablets be stored?
  • Each porch contains 36 tablets that should last for approximately 3 days (It depends on individuals). Once a porch is open, please keep the zip closed tightly, then all tablets will stay consumable unless they are kept in high temperature and humidity. You may need to keep them in dry and cool place when lots of quantities are purchased. Then, they will stay safe and dry for at least 3 years.

  • Why is it green?
  • Mulberry contains flavonoids and many minerals which create a green tablet. We use natural drying process that preserves natural color of mulberry leaf and shows its freshness. Mulberry itself has been powdered and processed to be tablets. It is naturally green therefore it may be different than the leaves green color. We recommend to keep it out of high temperature and high moisture area after a porch is open. The green color may become brown from the oxidization unless they are kept in a cool and dark area.

  • The price seems higher than other companys’ products.
  • It might be, but our company policy is that we deliver safety by creating non-chemically grown mulberry to provide healthy lives to people. We do not want to compete by lowering a price which in turn lowers the quality and compromise our 100% natural process. We want to deliver you Hawaii’s plentiful sun and nature’s blessings. You may feel that its price might be a little bit high, but we put all of our efforts to grow organic and beneficial mulberry organically and efficiently.

  • Are there any side effects?
  • There are no report of any problems with non-chemical grown mulberry. However it is reported that constipation can be caused due to diuretic effects of mulberry. Therefore, please make sure to take plenty of water. There are also cases reported that prescribed medication can become over effective. Mulberry has a cleansing effect because of the mulberry’s high fibrous contents. Therefore the intestine gets cleaned and the prescribed medication can become too effective. Please consult with your doctor. Also, you may get loose stool, but this is a good effect which means you are getting cleansing by the mulberry.

  • Is it good for diet?
  • It might depend on your body type and compatibility to mulberry, but it is shown in our data that taking mulberry for a longer period of time will remove unnecessary neutral fats and the right amount of nutrient can be consumed by excreting all other unnecessary stuff from your body. The tablet has so many minerals and it has been reported to be good for your skin as well. (See our subscriber’s opinions) Mulberry leaves are expected to suppress glucose absorption.

  • Is there an easier and more effective way to take them?
  • It is recommended to take before every meal. The tablets may stick to your teeth when chewed, so please take with some water in your mouth. Our tablets are made bigger for chewing rather than just swallowing. We are also developing mulberry leaf powder now that can be blended with smoothies or used in cooking. It will be more flavorful and effective.

  • The tablets are so large and I feel like it may get stuck. Is there a smaller tablet?
  • Please think the tablets as Chinese herbal medicine rather than drug. The tablets are helpful for busy people who do not have time to consume proper nutrition. The tablets are convenient to carry and made to take on the go as they do not give you any immediate effects. For all these reasons, we designed the tablets to be rather bigger to be difficult to swallow, then you can chew them. Think it like eating a salad rather than taking medicine. We have made chewable tablets that work most effectively in your digestive system. Please chew the tablets with some water for easier digestion.

  • What is the difference between mulberry tablets and mulberry tea bags?
  • Tablets can lower your cholesterol more effectively than tea because they contain more fiber than tea. However, it brings quicker effects when you drink the tea before your meals. Unlike tablets, it requires some time to prepare tea but you can switch your pastime drink from coffee or regular tea to mulberry tea as it really tastes good and goes well with sweets. Contrarily, tablets can be taken anywhere and you can take them at any time you like. Both have no caffeine, so you can take them before you go to bed.

  • Is it OK to take mulberry when I’m allergic?
  • No report of allergic problems has been reported so far but if you have a concern, please consult with your doctor.

  • Is it Ok to take it with other supplements?
  • It is recommended to take mulberry by itself in order to gain maximum benefits of mulberry, however when taken with other supplements such as Propolis, Banaba, Onion Extracts, etc. you may gain improved effects that benefit the reduction of blood sugar level and diabetes. However, we recommend consulting with your doctor if you are pregnant.

  • How many tablets shall I take a day?
  • It varies depending on each person’s weight and health condition. We recommend taking 3 to 6 tablets before every meal. As a guide line, a person weighing 130 pounds should take 3 tablets, and an extra tablet for every 25 pounds. So, if you are 200 pounds then 6 tablets will be the suggested amount. You can adjust your intake according to the suggestion. Even if you take more than this suggested amount, it will not be harmful. However mulberry dehydrates the body, so please make sure to take plenty of water while you are taking tablets. Otherwise you may experience constipation. There is no exact amount to take; however, we recommend to take the tablets for a long period of time for the best results because it will be less effective if taken for a shorter period.

  • I heard that Mulberry is good for diabetic patients. How is it good for diabetic patients?
  • Mulberry contains DNJ (Deoxynojirimycin), a substance that is very similar to glucose which prevents the movement of the glycolytic enzymes. The DNJ will reduce blood sugar levels if mulberry is taken before meals. Also, DNJ promotes the secretion of insulin. You can read more about the effects of the mulberry in the “What is DNJ?” section.

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