My doctor told me that I may have diabetic symptoms and I was totally shocked and feeling down because I would not be able to eat delicious food anymore. My wife purchased mulberry tablets because she heard it’s good for diabetes and since I did not want to waste the tablets I started taking them. After 4 weeks, I had another test and my doctor was surprised. I am feeling very good and looking forward to taking the next test. My wife also started taking the mulberry tablets and her blood pressure lowered as well. She mentioned that makeup stay fresh on her face now and she is happy. We are taking mulberry tablets before every meal.

Company Owners, Hawaii | 45 yrs old

I had a hard time getting sleep and also keeping up my life in a healthy routine due to my work schedule and that was when I found an article about mulberry herbs and became interested. It’s been 3 weeks since I started taking them and now I have regular motions and my appetite is increased. I sleep well too!! I kinda feel that my lower tummy has shrunk! I am so amazed that mulberry is so effective. It is perfect for me! Thank you power of nature!

Female – Web Designer, New York | 33 yrs old

I was not feeling well lately and was told that my blood pressure was high at medical checkup. The doctor told me to take medication or my health may be at risk. I don’t like taking any medicine because I was weary of side effects. So I started researching on the Internet and mulberry caught my eyes.  Then I started taking it about a month ago. I went to see my doctor for checkup and my blood pressure came out normal. Doctor was surprised and asked me if I’ve been taking any medicine. I was surprised too to see such quick effects.  Now I feel confident and motivated every day. Mulberry tablets have given me happiness in my life.

Male – CPA, Tokyo Japan | 55 yrs old

I was recommended by my mother to take mulberry tablets because my weight has gone up as well as my appetite after giving birth to my baby. I did not think the tablets were very appetizing but I kept chewing and eating them. It has been about 2 months since I started taking mulberry tablets. My appetite has not decreased at all, but I have regular motions and my weight has gone back to before. I feel light on my feet and can move easily. Mulberry is an amulet of health for me now. I really appreciate my mother who told me about the mulberry tablets.

Female – House wife, California | 29 yrs old

I was drinking coffee way too much so I changed to mulberry tea about 2 weeks ago. I often had headache and sleeping problems but those problems are gone now. My appetite has increased too. I am feeling good and amazed with the change I am experiencing now thanks to mulberry tea.

Male – Office Worker, New York | 35 yrs old

I was feeling fine without having constipation or any major medical issues but I was getting more concerned about my health older I get. That’s when my friend offered me a cup of mulberry tea at her house. I liked it and started drinking on regular basis because I was told that it’s rich in calcium. Now I am having more frequent motions and the shoulder pains I had before are getting less. I could not sleep well because of the pain before but I can sleep well!! I believe it’s the mulberry tea with rich minerals that is causing these great changes!! Recently, I crave a cup of mulberry tea when I’m tired.

Female – Restaurant Employee, Hawaii | 50 yrs old

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