100% Organic Nutritional Supplementary Food

Mulberry has been used as natural remedy and medicine for centuries. Many Asian countries make tea from the leaves of the mulberry. Mulberry also has significant importance to silk production because mulberry is the nutrient dense food consumed by silk worms. Mulberry is a significantly balanced rich nutrient food, contains minerals, amino acid, carotenoid, flavonoid, chlorophyll, Beta-carotene, vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B6 and a lot more. Mulberry is the rich repository of various nutrients, which could possibly be better than vegetables. "Hawaiian Mulberry Tablet by Paradise Green" is 100% organic portable essentials for healthy lifestyle, made in the beautiful land of Hawaii.


The chemical structure of deoxynojirimycin is very similar to glucose. If a portion of oxygen in the chemical structure of glucose is replaced with nitrogen, it will be exactly same as the chemical structure of DNJ. This is why DNJ inhibits disaccharidase (alpha-glucosidase), reduces intestinal absorption of glucose and the amount of glucose in the blood, and stabilizes the level of sugar in blood. Plainly speaking, when disaccharide is absorbed into your body, disaccharides (alpha-glucosidase) will immediately start decomposing it. Then, when DNJ, which is very similar to glucose, comes into your body, disaccharides start decomposing DNJ instead. During the process, the excess of food you eat moves to your colon without being broken down into monosaccharide. Excess glucose does not turn into monosaccharide or get absorbed into your body; it gets discharged and excess nutrition is not consumed but necessary nutrition is absorbed. DNJ reduces the amount of glucose absorbed into your body by inhibiting disaccharides. This is why mulberry leaves containing DNJ is now highly recognized as a promising herb which can controls carbohydrate absorption.


  • - Improve blood
  • - Lower cholesterol
  • - Decrease neutral fat in the blood
  • - Stabilize blood glucose level
  • - Prevent diabetes
  • - Relieve constipation
  • - Improve the balance of intestinal bacteria
  • - Prevent a blood clot from forming

Hawaiian Mulberries

100% Natural and Organically Grown

Hawaiian Mulberries are grown under the Hawaiian sun with Hawaiian soil. The soil is very rich with minerals and bacteria which makes it perfect for growing mulberry trees. Unlike other mulberry products, our mulberries are 100% natural and organically grown without any chemicals or use of pesticides. We conduct all processes from growing the mulberry trees to harvesting the leaves and berries. Then we process them to our mulberry products. Every process from growing to harvesting is under the supervision of CTAHR, a division of University of Hawaii.

Our mulberry products are so powerful! Here are some raving reviews:
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Tea and Tablets

All Natural Mulberry Leaf Tea

The mulberry tea that we have developed contains over 25x the minerals than regular green tea and 20 times more fiber than kale. It has all the same essential ingredients as the tablet but easier to consume than the tablets. There is no chewing or swallowing, just add hot water to drink. It also tastes really good.

How to enjoy your mulberry tea.

Pour 1 cup of boiling water over one tea bag, Steep 5 minutes or more (longer is better). Wait patiently for maximum enjoyment. For stronger tea use 2 tea bags. If you would like to make iced tea, just do so! It is delicious as iced tea too.

All Natural Mulberry Leaf Tablets

We also offer our mulberry leaf tablets which we call "Portable Vegetable". It's so nutritious and high in minerals and these tablets can be carried anywhere and taken with some water. There is no need to worry about steeping or boiling water.

How to Maximize the Effect

Chew well 2-6 tablets with water about 15 minutes before you eat to get effects. The amount of tablets will be decided by your current weight. (Taking excessive tablets will not have side effects)

Weight Tablet
below 125 lbs. 3 - 4
125 lbs. ~ 175 lbs. 4 - 5
175 lbs. or more 6

Wholesale Info

Paradise Green Hawaii offers wholesale mulberry tablets and mulberry tea. Please feel free to contact us for wholesale inquiries regarding our mulberry prodcts.

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